Piping Solutions

PVC – Poly Vinyl Chloride

Available in Zimbabwe for as long as we can all remember, PVC remains one of the most versatile materials in the market. Not only is it used in the manufacture of pipes, but also cables, banners, and clothing, to name a few.

Here at Lamasat we commissioned our first PVC Pipe Extrusion Line in January 2020, and have since begun production. Our smallest pipe available is the 25mm, while the biggest we make is 180mm. Our PVC pipes are mainly used for drainage, connecting tanks, and borehole casing.

HDPE – High Density Poly Ethylene

Piping made from Polyethylene is a cost-effective solution for a broad range of problems in municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. HDPE is extremely durable, flexible, and does not require any maintenance.

We have been manufacturing HDPE Poly Pipes since 2011, and to this day have two different HDPE Extrusion Lines. Our range starts from 25mm to 63mm. These pipes are also very commonly used in Zimbabwe for connecting submersible pumps to boreholes.

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Here’s a look at our PVC Pipe Extrusion Line:

Lamasat PVC Pipe Extrusion Line